Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finals, done.

Last 3 weeks have been a blur... Finals are over and Wednesday was the first time I saw the outside world since the week before. Hit the books hard with Grill, Lindsey, and Erfran kind of... Senior year good as time as any to start studying I guess, my bad mom.

Queso's birthday at Hob Nob (thanks for the food Mark). What do you know about Paul resorting to his go-to pop locking when some MJ comes on?

The above clip is from let's talk about it, but the ultrahomo Asian dude is Paul. Celebrated his engagement at jade bar, it's a nice little cozy place, dope view. A little you-had-to-be-there kind of moment when I explained to Jay and Mark what they did the weekend before.

Congrats to all the graduated seniors.

Time to put my feet up. Have a great Christmas everybody.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Man Down

Jerry Yang finally stepped down from Yahoo. For everyone connected or invested in Yahoo, this is most definitely too little too late. Between projecting tough times for the year, botching the Microsoft deal (and he said they'd be fine), and being an overall poor businessman, this should've happened a while ago. Who knows, maybe Yahoo will be able to make a move now.

On another note, if you can get down with autotune, 808's & Heartbreak is a dope album. Hold judgement until you give it a couple runs. 

Have a great Thanksgiving everybody. Loosen the belt a couple notches Paul, no homo.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello 2 3

Overall a very dope weekend. Kohei's wedding on Saturday (congrats and enjoy the big island) and another birthday came and went and Uncle Sam officially considers me a year older. First things first,  THANKS to the fam and the extended familia who made it out Saturday and Sunday for the birthday festivities. I think the last year or two I've come to appreciate that it's not what you do, but who you do it with and a lot of good people were present. Also thanks to all the people that called, texted, and facebooked, it's always nice to hear from you guys. Thanks for the baked goods too, I actually do enjoy some sweets. Thank you very much everybody, I truly appreciate the love. 

Now it's the big 23 and I feel like I'm obligated to do something with my life. Corporate America I see you. You got Jaeho, you got Paul (no more early lunches mija), I'll see you in a minute.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Desperate Times

This economy is doing a number on a lot of people. At this point, I'm just somewhat happy that I can fill up my car for under $50, damn speculators.

I guess it's bad on a jetsetting level too, the White Cockatoo resort in Australia has a nude "anything goes party." Well, at least it's free publicity...

In some sporting news, a 16-year-old Japanese girl got drafted to play pro baseball. 

First Martha Stewart, then Wesley Snipes, now Mark Cuban? The SEC is trying to catch up Cuban for some insider trading. I wonder how much tax money it costs us to put a case like this together, probably too much.

Kurt Warner for MVP.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Say hi to your mother for me

Since the only people that I update more often than are Janson and Kanyon, this happened a few weeks ago. Marky Mark was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! trying to hype Max Payne (it's MAYBE worth a rental) and he commented on Andy Samberg's SNL impression of him.

Apparently he wasn't too happy about it and he spoke on it.

This happened the Saturday after...

Dan thinks it's hilarious.

Monday, October 13, 2008

So keep your love locked down

In case anybody missed it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and missed it once again when the good people from let's talk about it posted, Kanye West performed Love Lockdown on The Ellen Show last week, and for the fans, the 808s and Heartbreak album is supposed to be due sometime between November 25th and December 16th. 

Song is dope even though I had no idea what the hell it was first time E put me on. And if anyone is sleeping on The Ellen Show, it's the funniest non-cable show (I can't speak for the folks with cable) on daytime, no homo.

This is some Kanye stuff that DeWitz posted, it's dope, click to enlarge. 

Speaking of SNL and Kanye though...

come on everybody let's make cocaine cool

SNL used to be one of the funnier network shows out, but lately (past 4-5 years?) it seems like the show has completely fallen off. You all remember it, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" That opener used to ilicit expectations of laughter but now, most of the skits are mediocre and unfunny. It seems like the only thing keeping SNL afloat to Joe Public is Tina Fey's impression of Sarah Palin.
In case you missed it:

Most people have said they like the Fey/Palin bit but I think the funniest part is Jason Sudeikis' (Conan interview) impersonation of Joe Biden.

Other than these skits, which SNL has already started to beat to death, the only things worth watching are the musical acts (they've had some pretty dope people on as of late), some of the digital shorts, and MAYBE Weekend Update. I'm not sold on WU 'cause I'm not sure if it's actually funny, or if it's like the girl that's hot because she hangs out with ugly girls. Is WU funny or are the other skits that bad?

This is my favorite digital short by far, Andy Samberg's spoof on the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Adam Levine with the children's choir is classic.

A Boldin-less Cardinals squad beat the Cowboys to go 4-2 heading into the bye week. Let's get it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Love me some spinach dip, I'm addicted to Houston's

US market is nuts right now, US government is giving out aid like I give to ASU Parking (that's a different topic altogether). Merill Lynch was bought out by Bank of America, Lehman Brothers fell under, JPMorgan Chase picked up Washington Mutual (Janson, give it 6 months and you can use Chase in Murderville, are you a Dodgers fan now?), US government approved $25 extralarge for the auto industry. In some local AZ news, Bill Heard filed Chapter 11, and nothing new, my wallet is still super-hungry and yet, extra-bulimic (my shoe game has benefited as of late though so it is a worthy cause).

I'll update sometime with my experience at the Food Show, yes FOOD show. One word: EPIC.

"We need a miracle,
And I say a miracle 'cause this shit is hysterical,
By my nephews and nieces, I will email Jesus,
Tell him forward to Moses and CC Allah"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Does Work

What really needs to be said? Don Gorske of Wisconsin might as well be clocking in at McDonald's. He's gone through  23,000 Big Macs in his life and has only missed a Big Mac 8 days. I don't think I'm even in the double digits. I know what you're thinking but apparently, dude is not even obese, 6'2" 185 (haha he's like a more muscular version of you Doo Doo). Put it another way, Mr. Gorske has probably spent over $25k on Big Macs alone...

But on to bigger and better things. Check it out, Kurt Warner aka The Truth aka White Jesus. Don't let the goofy Robocop/Terminator look with the oven mitts fool you, that's just to mess with other teams. Please believe dude's passing game is super buttery, just ask his fantasy football owners and Anquan Boldin (speaking of whom, Bidwell family, please give dude his money, he's gorilla pimpin' on the field). 
Don't sleep on the Cardinals, 2-0 isn't much but it's a start. What up Mike, what up Easton, we been tryin' to tell folks.

Let's get it Sun Devils. The line for the game is only -7 GA for the betting folks out there. I would've thought they'd be spotting more so that's not a bad outlook at all for A State. #2 in the Pac-10 is ripe for the picking right now.

And Happy Belated to Brett "The Big Hurt" Lynch, hit the big veintiuno last night, sorry I didn't make it out big fella.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Kid looks like a young Doc Dre. Been pimpin' since his daddy was pimpin'.

And now for the story. My buddy helped out at the coffee shop over the Summer and one day some kids came in for some smoothies.

One of the kids gets his smoothie and tosses about a dollar into the tips cup.
Kid #2: Why’d you do that?
Kid #1: Oh, I gave him a tip.
#2: What’s a tip?
#1: It’s something you give poor people.

Wow. I'm not sure if it's funny or sad.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Olympic Gold

14 Olympics Golds and 8 in the past Beijing Olympics. The Dolphin Boy is Mr. International nowadays... $1 mil from Speedo for 7 Golds? Not a shabby paycheck.

Add an Entourage cameo and SNL host gig (musical guest Lil Wayne) September 13 for good measure. SNL hasn't been funny since '97, might have watch that one though.
Entourage, September 7. Get yourself some HBO. I'll be at Jaeho's.

My favorite Olympic interview moment, Michael Phelps + Brian Williams.
BW: That last song [before the start of his races] this trip, has it been the same? What has it been?
MP: Most of the time it was "I'm Me" by Lil Wayne and a few techno songs (same taste in music as Kellen and Paul) here and there.
BW: You did some Weezy this trip...
MP: Yeah, I had some Weezy on it.
BW: Who among us hasn't done some Weezy this past year.

B Will doesn't really hit his stride until about minute 12 or 13.

Some more Olympics hilarity. I don't know crazy but I know karate.

The Recession

Who isn't getting hit by these gas prices nowadays?

I realize he hasn't done anything lately, but it's worth a laugh.
"As you know, I do own my own jet." Classic

Just in case you've been in a coma the past 3 months or so.

The Recession album drops September 2, I've listened to a couple cuts, it seems promising but I haven't given it much burn.
"Bitch I'm amazin'
Look what I'm blazin'
Eyes so low, yeah I look like an Asian"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Is The World Coming To?

So 9 year-old Jericho Scott was told that he can't play with his squad 'cause his heater is too fast. WHAT?!?! So he can't play in the league at all? I don't see anybody locking down the Scripps Spelling Bee 'cause some kid's word game is too nice.

And in other sports news, regardless of where you're comin' from on this, you got to give it up to Shawne Merriman for deciding to try to thug out this season on 2 torn ligaments in his left knee. Maybe not the greatest long-term career decision, but respect. Other cats aren't even walking on 1 torn ligament in the knee, dude is playin' ball with 2. BEAST

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm leaving, on a jet plane...

I know this happened a while ago but my blog game has been (edit: BEYOND) mediocre at best as of late.

So I took a trip to the East Coast right after the books shut on finals since I knew the corporate grind would be murder on the rest of my Summer.

Peace out zona.

My first stop was a layover in Seattle. The view flying in reminded me that Seattle green is a shade of green that is MIA in Arizona. Beautiful, beautiful place. The airport is pretty dope too, there's a tunnel tram that shuttles you from terminal to terminal, thing has a talking voice that speaks more languages than I do. There's also a GIANT glass window where you can see planes taking off, kind of a serene backdrop. There's worse ways to burn some time.

The red-eye out of Seattle took off around 10:30PM and the first the thing the Captain said after introducing himself was, "Apparently turbulence will be a mixed bag tonight." Well, nice to meet you too Captain, thanks for the heads up. Really though, couldn't even ease some of these people into it? I'm pretty sure I heard the hard-of-flying readying their airsick bags.

And onto Boston and NY.

These little monsters are the people I visited in Boston and NY.

They crack me up. Good people even if they weren't blood.

Boston was a decent place, I'm not sure if all the hype is quite justified though. Hard-pressed to find more ostentatious and pretentious than some of the cats around Harvard Square. Kind of a dope college vibe, but some of the people throw uppity like it's their job. Like their knowledge of academia has them On Top of the World like The Carpenters.
It wasn't all bad though, my cousin took me to Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers by Harvard Square. Apparently it's a staple for the Cambridge crowd and it stays on the different lists for top burger joints. For good reason too, the food isn't shabby and it's a neat little place to check out.
Mr. John Harvard at Harvard Square

1 day in Boston and then it was off to New York, NY. 3rd time in NY so it wasn't anything new but it was nice to be back there seeing family and checking out some sites.

Saw this on a car while we were out and about. Dude got creative on 'em

The NY leg of the trip was basically sight-seeing but we were heavy into eating and shopping though. Checked out G-Star RAW (attention to little details, FRESH), Supreme (was only there a hot minute, AC was broke), UNIQLO (decent quality threads on the cheap) and some others.

And then it was back to good ol' AZ to start up a little Corporate America Summer grrrrrind time!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Douche Bags 'R' Us

The other day, I was going to my marketing class and while I was heading to the water fountain, I saw something. To my amazement, I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with "thank your girlfriend for me" on the front. I couldn't believe, just to make sure the ol' corneas hadn't tricked me, I had to rinse the disbelief out of my eyes. Sure enough, this was really happening, someone was actually rocking this shirt. Dude might as well have been rocking a "I like dudes" t.

Wow, that got me thinking, did the chicken come first or the egg? In this case, was this guy a douche bag that happened to wear a stupid shirt? Or was the stupid shirt the reason this guy was/is a douche bag? Hmm.... I know I come across real salty like the shirt happened to me but ask anybody that knows me, I will rock a free shirt 'til the threads come off (I have at least 10 free shirts from various causes and activities, I'd say at least 4 are in heavy rotation). But I cannot see a situation where I would be compelled to rock that shirt.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Michelle, you look good tonight girl, you lookin' good."

That has got to be a top 5 NBA post game celebratory comment right? Just in case you missed it; if you're not tryin' to watch it all, just go to 1:35ish

At least dude didn't make a move on her. Yeaaaa Broadway Joe. Great recovery Suzy.

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics, like we been sayin' all season Mike, everybody else was playin' for 2nd. I can't say that I particularly like Boston or the fans, but the Big Three and especially KG definitely deserved this. The NBA version of Barry Sanders finally got himself a squad. Dude went from this,
to NBA champion. Completely flipped that squad's swagger, true story.

The corporate hustle and bustle is doing work on my blog game, so serious.

P.S., I realize that my comments about KG deserving the title might've been misconstrued, DeWitz. I meant that it was nice to see KG get a shot and win a ring 'cause 'Sota never surrounded him playoff contending talent. Last time KG had a semi-decent squad, Sam Cassell's body broke down in the playoffs and the KG/Sprewell combo wasn't enough.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Get My Cleans On

Is it just me or are more and more people just peacing out of bathrooms across America sans suds? When did it become normal or good to ignore basic hygiene and instead of washing your hands, just checking the mirror and taking off? I don't know about the current state of women's restrooms, but the men's restrooms are heavy with the no-wash crowd.

Hey guy, I'm onto you. I hate to break it to you but no amount of looking in the mirror is going to clean your hands. Son, checking your hair is not the '08 Purell. Don't complain about bird flu and viruses if you don't even wash your hands, come on now.

Honestly, yo, if you're not going to bother washing your hands, can you at least fake it for those of us that just heard you drop a gnarly deuce? Or the other people that just saw you pull an inside-the-waistband crotch adjustment? People used to at least fake it and just rinse the germs away without soap, just plain water. Nowadays, people don't even bother. Hey, if you're going to swing those grimy mitts around the very least you could do is pretend to wash.

Kanye show this weekend, everybody has been sayin' N*E*R*D is murder. I'm extrahyped for the show! Good look Kanyon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Money can't buy happiness

but it's a damn good down payment."

My bad to all, I was out of town for a bit and with Memorial Day and everything it's been hectic.

Someone (thanks Chong) sent me this article about David Falk a little bit ago and I never got around to talking about it. David Falk matters to some because he was THE Michael Jordan's agent. An interesting point about Falk's interview with CNBC is, at the end, Falk says,

"... we're dealing in a world where agents are splitting fees with AAU coaches all the time. And it's getting worse. I wanted to meet a college player who I really enjoyed watching this year. So I asked a friend of mine, who is a very powerful man in the game, to introduce me to him. And he said, 'I'd like to help but I can't.' And when I asked why. He said, 'You are three years and $500,000 short.'"

I thought this was especially interesting because all the pub this OJ Mayo "scandal" has received lately. Basically OJ is a basketball phenom who has been heavily recruited since about 7th grade and now he allegedly took gifts or money from an agent/agency. This is funny to me because it really showcases the ignorance of the American public. Really? IF this happened, is it really the first? Who do you think is giving high school/college athletes? Powerhouse agents and boosters. The situation can't be fixed because some of these people are supporting the very schools themselves. (Paul, I meant why this Mayo story specifically, is getting more pub than countless others before him with similar talent levels.)

Please do not pretend like this is a big issue because if it were, there would've been an attempt to "fix" it. And since there hasn't been and won't be an attempt, let's just move on and focus on other things.
I typically don't like Stephen A. Smith (A-Mart's impressions are a different story) , but this article was decent.

I'll update with some pictures of my vacay and some Memorial Day details. For those of you that have it, enjoy Summer break. For my corporate folks, enjoy this hot-ass Arizona weather. I need a Summer out-of-town spot like I need lower gas prices.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Slide through the 'hood' just to check my dough"

"Trapstar fresh from head to toe,
From toe to ear, the kicks match the cap,
Black t-shirt, yeah it match the strap,"

75 San Diego State students and 96 in all were arrested in connection with a drug bust at good ol' San Diego State University. Authorities said "Two kilograms of cocaine were seized, along with 350 Ecstasy pills, marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms, hash oil, methamphetamine, illicit prescription drugs, several guns and at least $60,000 in cash"

Apparently Kenny and some of the fellas over at the Theta Chi house got a little too bold. Whatever happened to secretive drug dealers that didn't like getting locked up? Mass texts, what is this? Must be listening to that "cRap" music too much.

Funny thing is, how much you think the cops spent on the whole operation? Yeah, way more than $60G and that Bush League operation were worth. Oh well, it's only the American people's tax money anyways right?

Also, if anyone needs an easy class for a lit credit at ASU, DO NOT take HST364 "Sex and Society in Modern Europe." Yeah, my bad, I'm an idiot. Professor got me like a creepy dude with a blacked-out conversion van. to catch_a predator style. She'll reel you in with a semi-interesting first day, then ruin your Finals schedule because you have to write a stupid 8-10 page paper about stuff that isn't that interesting.

Paul, I need some Yoko in my life.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out"

Arrested Development

"What-wha-what-what-what's it all about"

For those of you who have not given the show any burn, you have definitely been missing out. If you don't know about Arrested Development, it was one of the most hilarious shows on TV but did not nearly get enough pub, got canceled once, revived, then canceled/shut down again for good. If you're a fan, a movie is supposedly on the back burner somewhere.

These are clips of Will Arnett (Gob from Arrested Development) when he was on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" in February.

Eh, I got a kick out of it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

"They said I couldn't play football I was too small"

"They said I couldn't play basketball I wasn't tall,
They said I couldn't play baseball at all,
And now everyday of my life I ball."

You can find these motivational posters in almost every kind of job. They're real common, especially in depressing work environments such as office buildings and schools. I remember these being heavy in the schools for a while, probably still are. Lately, as I'm sure you all know, there have been plenty of fake ones made by random people all over the internet, a simple Google search does it. Most of these are not quite as funny as the creators originally thought. Matter of fact, most of them are pretty mediocre.

I have no idea who came up with this one but I thought it was pretty neat.
For those of you who are a little rusty with their U.S. history, George Washington was kind of a big deal and while other guys in wigs were napping, the Town Destroyer straight put in work on a chilly Christmas Day, 1776. G Dub's motto for the day? "Victory or Death." On 2nd thought, the reasons why I think this poster is hilarious are probably exactly why other countries hate the U.S. Oh well, America is thuggish ruggish even on holidays, what about you?

Happy Birthday Easton, you're getting up in years.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Coach, I pulled a hammy

Rockies vs. Padres last night, 6 and a half hour long MLB game, 22 innings! Yes, 22. They only scored 3 runs. You know some guys were thinking of ways to get home early...

That got me wondering, and the longest MLB game ever was on May 1, 1920 between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Boston Braves, 26 innings. The game went so long they had to call it because it got too dark.

Most definitely could have used this at the ballpark...

Monday, April 14, 2008

"Shawty want a thug...

Bottles in the club..."

Great weekend. Lots of good people.
First off, Jaeho, GREAT look showing us a great time in Scottsdale at Geisha House and PCL. If you've never rolled with Timmy before, you just wouldn't understand. He kept the Belvedere flowing like it was on tap! Didn't even matter that there were a few of your standard Scottsdale tools and douche bags scattered throughout. THANK YOU TIMMY.
And if you guys haven't had a chance to check out Hob Nob on Chandler and 56th, it doesn't miss. It's a sports bar with all the TVs you would ever need and delicious food. Paul and Timmy, great recommendation and thanks for waiting up.

If you guys have ever been pleasantly surprised by a smaller than usual kickback then you know exactly what I'm talking about. There had to be less than 20 people. But good people + me = one of the better times I've had at a kickback. Kyle, Monte, Travis, thanks for your house fellas, a great time was had by all. GA boys do it right, held it down. Falling up, really?

Justin stomps entertainment centers and pushes washing machines like it's nobody's business.
Janae, put the Frut├ęzia down!
Kelsey, maybe try not to get in the way when people are kicking beer cups because Flippy cup officially sucks.

Monday, April 7, 2008

"I'm not a businessman. I'm a business, man."

The past couple years, people have devoted an incredible amount of ink to the alleged downfall of hip-hop. If you've frequented the blogs in my can't miss list, you'll recall that a little while ago, DeWitz (...Been Around the World...) and Kellen (1993) talked about rap's current whereabouts. They offered up their $0.04 so I thought I'd chime in with my own little 2 piece because as of late, this is something that's been on my mind a bit. Although different, for my purposes, I use hip-hop and rap interchangeably. Bear with me here, it's the 2nd Act of the music series.
First and foremost, hip-hop has always been the self-titled "voice of the streets," a way of verbalizing what is happening and putting them in verse. The 20/20 of the streets if you will. So when people talk about how the quality of hip-hop has changed for the worse, I think that is a misleading statement. True, the quality of rap's content has changed, but the musicality is still there; strong, if not stronger than ever.
In an abbreviated timeline of hip-hop, Run DMC brought rap to mainstream America and they were entertainers in the truest sense of the word. They rapped about everything current because they were trying to get you jumpin' while listening to their message. N.W.A. rapped about the government and the police, because that's what was affecting them. Nowadays, people complain about rappers only talking about material things, how they glorify alcohol, drugs, and sex. While I don't necessarily condone the message, the blame, if you want to call it that, must be placed on modern culture and hip-hop consumers, all you listeners. Rap talks about what is current and relevant, and the biggest thing nowadays, is rampant hypercommercialism. That includes everything that anybody in a developed country thinks about whether consciously or subconsciously. The, "my neighbor just copped a Benz." Also, "my watch game isn't quite right, I need that Patek P in my life." "My Coach and Via Spiga aren't right, time for some Louis V and Louboutin." It's everyone's "need" to have whatever is hottest out right now. Blame that.
People who complain about a lack of substance in the lyrics do forget, musicians are business people. And yes, while some are in it for the love of music, if your music isn't getting spins and you're not selling units, then you can't expect to put food on the table. I'm sure a lot of you can think of the 'Should've Made It' cats. Who is really trying to hold down a 9 to 5 and sing at the same time?
The days of hip-hop solely as an art form are long gone (other than a select few). Artistic integrity has been long been "compromised." What people must realize is that these artists and groups are business people first, and musicians second. They rap and sing about what sells. You cannot fault them for giving the people what they want and hence, that is the reason we're listening to rapping billboards nowadays.

"Big money in this bitch if you didn't knew.
Big business minus the business suit."

P.S. Congrats to DeWitz and the Sendai squad for locking down 1st place during the regular season. Let's get it during the playoffs.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Have you ever made love to a thug in the club...

with his sights on,
87 Jeans and a fresh pair of Nikes on.

Really though, what do you know about top hat pimpin'? Pain is on that Abe Lincoln look.

Recently, I've been on that "Thugs Need Hugs Too" (<-circa Paul) The Movement. The past couple of weeks I've listened to more of what you could loosely call poppy hip-hop. A bit of it is due to the fact that this "genre" of music is getting SO many spins right now it's unavoidable. On the other hand, but some of these hip-hop songs targeted toward the female demo are genuinely catchy and no homo, some are legitimately hot tracks. For the uninitiated, the formula is basic ball. Take any semi-decent/popular (as you know this is not one in the same anymore as production has superseded actual talent as king. but I digress, that's a different subject altogether) R&B crooner and add any rapper out, throw in a catchy hook and/or beat and you end up with instant SoundScan magic.

Cliffnotes look like Mad Libs:
R&B singer + Rapper + popular production (JD, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Neptunes, Polow da Don, The Runners, Timbo, etc.) = radio spins like it's goin' out of style. Higher learning calls, I'll expand on this at a later time.

I just thought this was kinda cool, J Legend doin' what he does with a Slum Village cut.

I know I know, I went ExtraHard on videos today. Had to do it.
P.S. Happy 20th Peter.

Game? What you know about the game grandad?

"Game recognize game grandad, and you lookin' kinda unfamiliar right now."

So to make the ASU NCAA tourney snub painfully more apparent, UA and Oregon lost their first round games. Nice job selection committee. And while I'm talking about NCAA basketball, can people stop jocking the Lopez brothers? Are you kidding me? I'm not even going to touch on their names right now, save that for a later date. Basketball-wise, these guys are completely overrated "talents." If talent means they're taller than all their comp, they have another guy that's also taller than everyone else taking attention away, and all the while they get fairly pedestrian stats, then yes, they're pretty awesome. I posted that stat line courtesy of below. Not impressed.

Brook Lopez
Robin Lopez
FG pct.48.051.1

If these bums are getting that much pub and consideration for the L, then this cat definitely needs to be in the league ASAP. NBA GMs, get your scouting games right, dude is better than a few on your roster.

On a completely different tip, big ups to JabbaWockeeZ (I know it's late, but I haven't updated in a while) for absolutely killing America's Best Dance Crew. Like Ja and Gotti in their prime, it's Muuuuurda! If you missed it, you were sleeping like a coma.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Get Some Sense NCAA

I dig it Herb, I really do. Wow, I don't quite know what to say about the Sun Devils missing the NCAA tournament business, a travesty for sure. This is absolutely ridiculous, honestly, Oregon? Oregon was nice last year but ASU was clearly a better team this year, the slow finish notwithstanding. ASU had more quality wins, we beat Arizona (twice), USC, Stanford, and Xavier for heaven's sake.

In the ever eloquent words of Sir Charles Barkley.
NCAA selection committee, "that's turrible, that's turrible."

I guess the NCAA isn't a fan of President Crow either.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Skateboard B

Yeah, so I've been semi-heavy in the skateboard game lately for no apparent reason. I'm thinking about putting a board together, any suggestions? And no, it's not for school, I don't want people speeding by me on foot while I'm attempting to skateboard.
Alien Workshop is pretty sick, it's what Dyrdek from DC Shoe and Rob & Big fame rides. When is the next session Jon?

By the way, if you guys haven't caught Rob & Big before (it stays on MTV/MTV2), you shouldn't even be watching TV. The show is hilarious. It's something to tide me over while I'm waiting for Entourage. Marky Mark, your folks are waiting, let's get it.

For those of you who weren't around in the 90s, Mark Wahlberg was famous before The Italian Job.

Monday, March 3, 2008

"Yeah, I got money too,

Trilla album comin' soon. Triple C's, 305... "
Watch out for that Rick Ross Trilla album in stores come March 11th, it has stayed pushed back but this date is legit. Dan, don't sleep on this like you did Port of Miami.

Also, one of the neatest retail sites I've ever seen, no idea what language it's in though, good look Dr. Eaton.
Check it, ILL son.

Monday, February 25, 2008

We're Overrated and Not Even Knowin'

So I got a request from my boy Redman to really let the people know who is getting way too much unwarranted hype these days. The people and things on the list range from extremely feeble to strongly mediocre and I'll talk about them when I get a chance. So here it is no particular order...

1) The Beatles
2) Steve Jobs
3) People who put clothes on their pets (Jesus already gave them clothes, it's called FUR)
4) Amy [Wino]house
5) Subway Jared, Jared Leto (Matter of fact, are there any good Jareds? Or is that one of those names destined for mediocrity the way girls named Mercedes and Porsche is destined for scripperhood?)
6) Al Gore (you're only impressing stupid people with your huge graphs)
7) Thoughtless tattoos (is that still going to be cool in 2 days?)
8) Arizona drivers, especially in the rain
9) RoboPhoto (photo radar, what a scam)

10) Come correct son, or you'll see yourself on here

Diddy Reloaded

If anyone has a chance, ABC is showing its remake of A Raisin in the Sun starring Sean "Diddy" Combs aka The Empire aka I Run New York. He's no Poitier but I guess it did decent at Sundance and it has received some pretty decent pub. It might be worth giving it a run even if you aren't a Combs fan. Besides, there are two Tony winners among the cast.

I mean, just look at the picture, everyone else looks like they're posing for a TV publicity shot. Diddy looks he's thuggin' an album cover or a music video. He looks like he's about 4 seconds from yelling "uh huh, uh huh, yea...Bad Boy Forever!" I guess that's what happens after you hear you're Hollywood Walk of Fame game has popped off.

Maybe check it out, 2/25/08, 8/7central, ABC. If I didn't have my 'killing me softly [with words]' I would probably check it out. I hate you International Management. Out.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Snitchin isn't just a hobby

I figured I'd touch on the since the whole Clemens Congress thing has really taken on a life of its own. Real talk, when did Snitching pass baseball and football as America's favorite national past-time?!?!

Allow me to preface the following by saying I don't condone the acts that have these people caught up or in prison. So for me, snitching really hit that primetime, big-time, showtime, Hollywood status with the whole Mike Vick thing. Don't get it twisted, I don't think it's right what they did to the dogs but really? This guy has been setting you guys up, with a house, money, he basically gave you guys money in order for you guys to make money, and you guys repay him with an 18 month sentence? Wow, great way to pay him back.

However, on the other hand, I have to give props to Clemens. Regardless of whether he did it or not, this cat is COLD in the courtroom. I saw some footage and he is steadfast in that courtroom, he stood in the pocket like Bradshaw, he didn't back down at all to those clowns. If you're going to lie, at least believe your own lie and stick to it. Mark McGwire definitely should've taken some notes. Hey Mark, if you lie, we might believe, if you tell the truth, we will believe you, if you say "let's not focus on the past," yeah, that means you're guilty.

Food for thought: If Lil' Kim can do time for not snitching, why can't you?

Also, if you guys get a chance, definitely check out Shepard Smith from The Fox Report with Shepard Smith. This guy is a newscaster for Fox, he knows his stuff, he calls it like it is, no bull, and he's pretty hilarious. Imagine Jim Rome doing national news. During the Clemens coverage there was some guy in the courtroom lobby that was just in the way of all the cameras and cameramen. Shep said something to the effect of, "who is this guy making big-time deals and getting in the way of our shot?" And the other guy said, "I have no idea, I'd break his legs if I could Shep."

Yeah...I guess you had to see it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Amy Winehouse is more overrated than The Beatles

I said, no, no, nooo...

Honestly? 5 Grammy Awards? Do they just give 'em out nowadays?

Daniel, I know Reuters sucks because they mention Amy Winehouse in the same sentence as Lauryn Hill.

How I know Amy Winehouse is weak
1) She's a multi-millionaire and yet she can't get
into the U.S. legally. I have $124 and I'm here

2) She's a multi-millionaire and her husband is in
jail, which is cool if you're in the mob, she
unfortunately, is not.

3) She's a multi-millionaire and she smokes crack.
What's the deal with smoking crack? Umm, hasn't anyone
told her that rich people snort coke? People like Shifty from Crazytown smoke crack (don't know who he is? exactly.)

4) Does she think she's good-looking? Cyndi Lauper
gives her a run for her money.

Am I the only one that finds it ironic that her hit song about NOT going to rehab completely fell on its face? Amy, no matter how many times you say "No, no, no..." that's not coming true.

Who isn't blogging nowadays?

Not me! I guess I'm going to join the masses and see what's really good with all the blogging...

Stay updated, I'll let you know a bit about life.