Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Michelle, you look good tonight girl, you lookin' good."

That has got to be a top 5 NBA post game celebratory comment right? Just in case you missed it; if you're not tryin' to watch it all, just go to 1:35ish

At least dude didn't make a move on her. Yeaaaa Broadway Joe. Great recovery Suzy.

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics, like we been sayin' all season Mike, everybody else was playin' for 2nd. I can't say that I particularly like Boston or the fans, but the Big Three and especially KG definitely deserved this. The NBA version of Barry Sanders finally got himself a squad. Dude went from this,
to NBA champion. Completely flipped that squad's swagger, true story.

The corporate hustle and bustle is doing work on my blog game, so serious.

P.S., I realize that my comments about KG deserving the title might've been misconstrued, DeWitz. I meant that it was nice to see KG get a shot and win a ring 'cause 'Sota never surrounded him playoff contending talent. Last time KG had a semi-decent squad, Sam Cassell's body broke down in the playoffs and the KG/Sprewell combo wasn't enough.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Get My Cleans On

Is it just me or are more and more people just peacing out of bathrooms across America sans suds? When did it become normal or good to ignore basic hygiene and instead of washing your hands, just checking the mirror and taking off? I don't know about the current state of women's restrooms, but the men's restrooms are heavy with the no-wash crowd.

Hey guy, I'm onto you. I hate to break it to you but no amount of looking in the mirror is going to clean your hands. Son, checking your hair is not the '08 Purell. Don't complain about bird flu and viruses if you don't even wash your hands, come on now.

Honestly, yo, if you're not going to bother washing your hands, can you at least fake it for those of us that just heard you drop a gnarly deuce? Or the other people that just saw you pull an inside-the-waistband crotch adjustment? People used to at least fake it and just rinse the germs away without soap, just plain water. Nowadays, people don't even bother. Hey, if you're going to swing those grimy mitts around the very least you could do is pretend to wash.

Kanye show this weekend, everybody has been sayin' N*E*R*D is murder. I'm extrahyped for the show! Good look Kanyon.