Friday, March 13, 2009

McRib, enough said

The McRib has come and gone in Arizona. If you've never had one, I want to say you're missing out but that's probably not true, but Dan killing 40 of 'em begs to differ. I think they're only good 'cause you can never got 'em. You're welcome for your 5 Tyna (sorry to the otherVegasonians), that ridiculous BBQ smell soaked into my car.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

ASU on the Come-up

Yeeeeaaaa boy. ASU making some headway on these rankings. It's not the deepest team ever but if Kuksiks and Abbott (35% from the field,23% from 3, are you kiddin' me?) can hit open treys we'll be alright it'll open things up for Pendergraph and Harden. We have UA at home tomorrow so it should be a good game.

A S U.

Another Night on Mill

Shallhasee is in town for his Bachelor festivites (man down, man down) so we went to 4 Peaks (40 minute wait? Is Peaks always this busy?) and then Mill. You'd be surprised how many strangers tell you not to get married. 

Ra, Cue Club, Library. Haven't seen Mill that busy in a while, it was alright though. (Haha, Brad got shat on by a bird). If you've never posted up on Mill and waited for girls to walk into some Po-Po horsecrap, it's surprisingly funny. For some reason only girls step on it though.

"When's the last time anyone had fun at the Library?"
(Everyone looks around, looks at the ground)

So true.

The Library was it's usual self, 16 girls including the bartenders and waitresses and 82 older dudes thinking they're going to bang out some girl. Not happening. Cats go there thinking it's some kind of '09 Coyote Ugly but it just ends up being some 5.5 who can't dance struggling to catch a beat on top of the bar. Had a good time with Eric though, congrats man.

Wrapped it up at Slices, thanks to bigass Brett for the pizza. Take it easy on the dumbbells brotha.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Plastic Than LEGOLAND

I'll preface with, it's hard to find pictures of the FBR Open since there's the no cameras policy but just think of Scottsdale + plastic surgery. If you've never been to the FBR, it is nuts, it's basically a party that happens to be at TPC Scottsdale, only time I've ever seen bikinis on a golf course. Took Alissa since she's never been and met up with Erfan and his brown crew. More of the usual, 140,00 drunk people, 14 somewhat sober designated drivers, and more plastic cougars than you can shake a stick at. Check it out if you've never been, especially if you're around the Valley, never seen anything else quite like it.
16th hole debauchery @ FBR

Then randomly stumbled on the Russell Peters (even my parents laughed at some of his stuff I showed them online) show at the Tempe Improv. Mike Young, one of the Chappelle Show writers, and some big Greek dude were the openers. It was pretty decent and it seemed like there were a lot of Russell Peters fans. Wasn't bad and dude is definitely an equal opportunity insulter when it comes to race. Good time other than the waiter spilling food on us.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Bowl Bound!!!

This cat is a bigger G than you.

My classes absolutely suck and it's ok 'cause the Cardinals are in Tampa (yeaaaa buddy), ASU basketball is on a tear (JP had like 6 dunks on UCLA), and it's my LAST semester. Need to stop paying ASU, it's some highway robbery out there nowadays, President Crow might as well be rockin' a ski mask.