Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm leaving, on a jet plane...

I know this happened a while ago but my blog game has been (edit: BEYOND) mediocre at best as of late.

So I took a trip to the East Coast right after the books shut on finals since I knew the corporate grind would be murder on the rest of my Summer.

Peace out zona.

My first stop was a layover in Seattle. The view flying in reminded me that Seattle green is a shade of green that is MIA in Arizona. Beautiful, beautiful place. The airport is pretty dope too, there's a tunnel tram that shuttles you from terminal to terminal, thing has a talking voice that speaks more languages than I do. There's also a GIANT glass window where you can see planes taking off, kind of a serene backdrop. There's worse ways to burn some time.

The red-eye out of Seattle took off around 10:30PM and the first the thing the Captain said after introducing himself was, "Apparently turbulence will be a mixed bag tonight." Well, nice to meet you too Captain, thanks for the heads up. Really though, couldn't even ease some of these people into it? I'm pretty sure I heard the hard-of-flying readying their airsick bags.

And onto Boston and NY.

These little monsters are the people I visited in Boston and NY.

They crack me up. Good people even if they weren't blood.

Boston was a decent place, I'm not sure if all the hype is quite justified though. Hard-pressed to find more ostentatious and pretentious than some of the cats around Harvard Square. Kind of a dope college vibe, but some of the people throw uppity like it's their job. Like their knowledge of academia has them On Top of the World like The Carpenters.
It wasn't all bad though, my cousin took me to Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers by Harvard Square. Apparently it's a staple for the Cambridge crowd and it stays on the different lists for top burger joints. For good reason too, the food isn't shabby and it's a neat little place to check out.
Mr. John Harvard at Harvard Square

1 day in Boston and then it was off to New York, NY. 3rd time in NY so it wasn't anything new but it was nice to be back there seeing family and checking out some sites.

Saw this on a car while we were out and about. Dude got creative on 'em

The NY leg of the trip was basically sight-seeing but we were heavy into eating and shopping though. Checked out G-Star RAW (attention to little details, FRESH), Supreme (was only there a hot minute, AC was broke), UNIQLO (decent quality threads on the cheap) and some others.

And then it was back to good ol' AZ to start up a little Corporate America Summer grrrrrind time!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Douche Bags 'R' Us

The other day, I was going to my marketing class and while I was heading to the water fountain, I saw something. To my amazement, I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with "thank your girlfriend for me" on the front. I couldn't believe, just to make sure the ol' corneas hadn't tricked me, I had to rinse the disbelief out of my eyes. Sure enough, this was really happening, someone was actually rocking this shirt. Dude might as well have been rocking a "I like dudes" t.

Wow, that got me thinking, did the chicken come first or the egg? In this case, was this guy a douche bag that happened to wear a stupid shirt? Or was the stupid shirt the reason this guy was/is a douche bag? Hmm.... I know I come across real salty like the shirt happened to me but ask anybody that knows me, I will rock a free shirt 'til the threads come off (I have at least 10 free shirts from various causes and activities, I'd say at least 4 are in heavy rotation). But I cannot see a situation where I would be compelled to rock that shirt.