Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Night on Mill

Shallhasee is in town for his Bachelor festivites (man down, man down) so we went to 4 Peaks (40 minute wait? Is Peaks always this busy?) and then Mill. You'd be surprised how many strangers tell you not to get married. 

Ra, Cue Club, Library. Haven't seen Mill that busy in a while, it was alright though. (Haha, Brad got shat on by a bird). If you've never posted up on Mill and waited for girls to walk into some Po-Po horsecrap, it's surprisingly funny. For some reason only girls step on it though.

"When's the last time anyone had fun at the Library?"
(Everyone looks around, looks at the ground)

So true.

The Library was it's usual self, 16 girls including the bartenders and waitresses and 82 older dudes thinking they're going to bang out some girl. Not happening. Cats go there thinking it's some kind of '09 Coyote Ugly but it just ends up being some 5.5 who can't dance struggling to catch a beat on top of the bar. Had a good time with Eric though, congrats man.

Wrapped it up at Slices, thanks to bigass Brett for the pizza. Take it easy on the dumbbells brotha.

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