Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Plastic Than LEGOLAND

I'll preface with, it's hard to find pictures of the FBR Open since there's the no cameras policy but just think of Scottsdale + plastic surgery. If you've never been to the FBR, it is nuts, it's basically a party that happens to be at TPC Scottsdale, only time I've ever seen bikinis on a golf course. Took Alissa since she's never been and met up with Erfan and his brown crew. More of the usual, 140,00 drunk people, 14 somewhat sober designated drivers, and more plastic cougars than you can shake a stick at. Check it out if you've never been, especially if you're around the Valley, never seen anything else quite like it.
16th hole debauchery @ FBR

Then randomly stumbled on the Russell Peters (even my parents laughed at some of his stuff I showed them online) show at the Tempe Improv. Mike Young, one of the Chappelle Show writers, and some big Greek dude were the openers. It was pretty decent and it seemed like there were a lot of Russell Peters fans. Wasn't bad and dude is definitely an equal opportunity insulter when it comes to race. Good time other than the waiter spilling food on us.

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